The specific features to look for in women’s rain coats

Are you confused about the design and features you ought to look for while searching through women’s rain coats? We can make things easier for you. Let us take a look at some of the features that some women’s raincoats tend to have and the uses for them.

Placement of the pockets

While it is quite appealing to have a stylish raincoat, convenience is of value as well. You need to focus on your requirements while purchasing women’s raincoats. Do you think you will need pockets in your raincoats? For instance, if you intend to use your raincoat for backpacking trips, pockets will be valuable as you can stow your map or GPS in it.

It would be a good idea to opt for the raincoats with chest pockets as they are more convenient. You will also need to decide on the number of pockets that you will need. Some raincoats have as many as four pockets on them.

Laminated zipper

Another feature that not all raincoats are equipped with is a laminated zipper. While all women’s rain coats have taped seems to keep the water out, a laminated zipper is something that few have. Laminated zipper provides optimal protection against water and thus if you want to make sure that not even a single droplet manages to find its way to you, opt for the raincoat which has a zipper if budget is not an issue since raincoats with laminated zipper tend to be a tad bit expensive.

Zippered sleeves

It is advisable to get raincoats that have zippered armpits as they have some ventilation which will prevent you from sweating while doing some activity. They allow air circulation, thereby ensuring that you remain comfortable even if you are engaging in some exercise while wearing the raincoat.

These additional features decide the comfort level that the raincoat will offer you. Therefore, if you are someone who values comfort, it will be vital that you pay attention to these features.